Council of Catholic Women

St. Mary’s Council of Catholic Women (CCW)

ST. MARY’S COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC WOMEN (CCW) IS: affiliated with the South East Deanery, and the St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (ACCW). As members of St. Mary’s CCW, we work together as a group for the benefit of our church and the parish community and promote the spiritual life of our members. As a member of the CCW, we join our voices and help to spread the “Good News” to others.

WHO BELONGS: All adult women, 18 years and older of St. Mary’s Parish are members of St. Mary’s Council of Catholic Women (CCW). We have approximately 116 members. Of these members, approximately 42 are over 65. Young ladies still in school and women over 65 are encouraged to participate at meetings and functions but are not required to serve on any committees. Anyone wanting to remain on the committee list is welcome to stay on.

MEMBERSHIP DUES: The CCW dues for the organization are $10.00 per year. For your convenience, the first envelope in your box of parish envelopes is to be used for paying your dues.

MEETINGS: The CCW meets three times a year – September, January, April or May when new officers are installed. The meetings are the second Monday of the month at 7:00 pm unless changed at the discretion of the President. The meeting date is posted in the church bulletin. Two (2) people are assigned to the refreshment committee – dessert and coffee are served. The first person on the list contacts the other committee member to determine who brings what. The meeting and lunch conclude always by 9:00 pm. For those members who attend, a $5.00 door prize is awarded at each meeting.

PURCHASES: St. Mary’s CCW purchases items needed for the church and the kitchen which include altar clothes, linens, purificators, etc. This also includes items for the kitchen (dishes, coffee pots, electric roasters, etc.)

PROJECTS: St. Mary’s CCW has several ongoing projects in which we participate in each year. They are:

  • Collection for Our Lady of Peace Cancer Home – during Lent
  • Sausage Supper Dinner and Craft Fair – November
  • Collection of gifts for the people of Appalachia for Christmas – October/November
  • Madonna Potluck Supper – Spring
  • MCCL Mother’s Day Corsages – May
  • Plants/flowers for the church at Easter and Christmas time
  • Joseph’s Coat Collection – all year long
  • Haiti Collection of Pill Bottles – all year long
  • Sisters of Holy Cross Mission – Postage Stamp Collection – all year long

COMMITTEE LEADERSHIP: The CCW President attends SE Deanery Meetings. Parish members are also invited to attend. Registration for the President is paid for by the CCW. St. Mary’s CCW hosts a Deanery meeting approximately once every 3 or 4 years. The CCW President also attends the Annual ACCW Convention. Parish members are invited to attend. Registration for the President is paid for by the CCW.

COMMITTEES: Committees are chosen from the membership list in an alphabetical order for each function. Chairpersons of the committee are in charge of calling new members to inform them of their duties and to answer any questions they may have. Committees are assigned for the following functions:

  • Refreshments for CCW Committee Meetings
  • Nomination Committee (April Refreshment Committee)
  • Madonna Potluck Supper
  • Sausage Supper
  • SE Deanery Meetings when held at St. Mary’s Church
  • Welcoming and departing priests/deacons celebrations

CHURCH ANNUAL FUNDRAISERS: Italian Dinner, Christmas Wreath Sales, and Sausage Supper.

MASSES and FUNERALS: Each year, 12 Masses are offered for the living and deceased members of the St. Mary’s CCW. The funeral luncheon committee follows the wishes of the family. Usually the family has CCW serve hot ham sandwiches and scalloped potatoes with expenses paid by the family, but no labor cost is charged. Members of the parish contribute salads, desserts, etc. The family gives a free-will donation to CCW.  Upon death of a member lunch is served.

ANNUAL CHURCH CLEANING: The church (upstairs) is cleaned each year in June. ALL MEMBERS ARE REQUIRED TO HELP. Men, young women, and children are also asked to help carry water, run errands or whatever is needed. If you cannot help, you must find a substitute. If you are unable, you must pay $20.00 to CCW. Cleaning is done over two (2) consecutive nights, usually Monday and Tuesday. The alphabet of names is split accordingly.

CHURCH HALL CLEANING: The church hall (downstairs) is cleaned once each year in November, on Saturday, two weeks prior to the Sausage Supper. Again, everyone is to help. If you are unable to help, you can switch with someone. If no substitute is found, you must pay $20.00 to CCW.

WEEKLY CHURCH CLEANING: Shirley Kimmes is paid by the church to clean it weekly. Each parishioner has an envelope in their donation box to contribute towards the cost of cleaning the church.

BUILDING MAINTENANCE: The church pays to maintain the church and property. Contact the Parish Administrator if you notice something needs attention.

OTHER ACTIVITES: The following people have volunteered on ongoing bases to be in charge of the items listed below:

  • Altar Linens – Laurie Otte and Lenore Peine
  • Annual Sacristy Cleaning – Rita Angell and Elaine Gergen
  • Aluminum Can Drive – Carrie Schaffer
  • Appalachian Christmas Drive – Laurie Otte and Lenore Peine
  • Blood Driver Coordinators – Laurie Otte, Lenore Peine, Lisa Rohr
  • Cancer Home Drive – Laurie Otte
  • Care of Plants and Flowers inside church – Shirley Kimmes
  • Cemeterian – Michelle Kimmes
  • Choir Director – Alan Reinardy
  • Christmas Crib – Lloyd, Glen, Rick and David Peine and others
  • Christmas flowers, garland, communion rail, etc. – June Erickson and Kathy Feidt
  • Christmas Lights – Recycling – JoAnn Peine
  • Church cleaning before funerals – Shirley Kimmes
  • Church cleaning before weddings – Shirley Kimmes
  • Clean Oil Candles – Sacristans
  • Easter Preparation – Tomb, Cross, etc. – Kay & Bob Tix family
  • Eucharistic Adoration/Holy Hour – Shirley Kimmes
  • Funeral Luncheons – Rita Angell and Pat Weatherly
  • Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday Preparations – Mary Nauer and Shirley Kimmes
  • In charge of Eucharistic Ministers – Sarah Stein
  • In charge of Faith Formation – Sister Tresa Margret
  • In charge of Lectors – Larry Hofmeister
  • In charge of Rosary – Bob and Karen Reinardy
  • In Charge of Ushers – Rick Peine
  • Instruct Mass Servers – John Wiik
  • Joseph’s Coat – Lenore Peine, Laurie Otte, Glen Peine, Ray and Sue Schabert
  • Mission Work – Haiti Collections – Laurie Otte and Lenore Peine
  • Mission Work – Postage Stamps – Laurie Otte
  • Our Lady of Peace Cancer Home Collection – Laurie Otte
  • Planting Flowers outside of church and Grotto – Rita Angell
  • Prayer Line Coordinator – Lenore Peine
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry – Carrie Schaffer
  • Pre-School Religion – Vacant
  • Seasonal Church Decorations – Judy Kimmes
  • Set-up Flowers at Easter – June Erickson and Kathy Feidt
  • Update Sausage Supper Handbook – Laurie Otte
  • Updates to CCW Activities, etc. – Laurie Otte
  • Upkeep of Vestments – Lenore Peine
  • Vigil Lights – Shirley Kimmes
  • Wash Purificators – Elaine Gergen
  • Wash Server Garments – Larry and LuAnn Beissel
  • Water plants outside – Jamie Reinardy
  • Wedding Coordinator – Lori Wiik

TERMS OF OFFICE: The Secretary and Treasurer are two-year terms. The President and Vice-President are one-year terms. The Vice-President automatically becomes the President after the first year. However, each officer is free to run for additional terms. The outgoing President attends all meetings following their term helping out the new President.

THE CURRENT OFFICERS for May 2020 to May 2021:

  • Laurie Otte – President
  • Maggie Langenfeld – Vice President
  • Jamie Reinardy – Past President
  •  Gail Kimmes – Secretary
  • Elaine Gergen – Treasurer


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